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Qatar companies get more time to meet labor requirement

Qatar says companies have until November to abide by system aimed at ensuring workers get paid

Qatar companies get more time to meet labor requirement

DOHA, Qatar (AP) -- Companies in energy-rich Qatar will have a few more months to comply with a system designed to ensure workers get paid on time.

The official Qatar News Agency on Wednesday quoted Labor and Social Affairs Ministry official Khalid Abdullah al-Ghanim as saying the deadline for employers to meet requirements of the "wage protection system" is now Nov. 2.

Earlier guidelines called for the system to be fully implemented by mid-August.

The system aims to tighten oversight of salary payouts and alleviate complaints of late or non-existent paychecks by requiring funds to be transferred directly to workers' accounts.

Qatar's winning bid to host the 2022 World Cup has intensified scrutiny and criticism of its treatment of hundreds of thousands of low-paid migrant laborers it needs to complete infrastructure projects.

Updated : 2021-09-29 03:50 GMT+08:00