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New generation speaks out on philanthropy at AmCham CSR forum

New generation speaks out on philanthropy at AmCham CSR forum

Can only successful businessmen participate in charity events and be socially influential? The impressive efforts of Taiwan’s younger generation to better society were the focus of the annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Forum held by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) on August 21st. Centered on the theme: “The Power and Influence of Taiwan’s Younger Generation”, the forum featured a number of passionate young Taiwanese, including Light Lin, founder of the crowdfunding platform FlyingV; Jason Hsu, curator of TEDxTaipei; and Anting Liu, founder of Teach for Taiwan—who shared the origins of their dreams, their experiences pursuing them, and their plans for further growth. AmCham hopes this annual forum may serve as a platform to help businesses not only better understand the power of new-generation philanthropy, but also help co-create greater social values in Taiwan.

“AmCham has long placed a lot of importance on Corporate Social Responsibility,” said AmCham president Andrea Wu. “In recent years, we have observed a growing number of young people getting involved in bettering society. They mostly work through the Internet or social networks to gather friends and others who share the same values to participate in social service. As a platform for communication, AmCham hopes to help these young adults present their experiences and practices, so our members in the business community can better understand the new trends in philanthropy and explore opportunities for future cooperation.”

Over 320,000 people in Taiwan aged 29 or under have volunteered for social service projects – 35 percent of all volunteers – according to statistics on voluntary services released by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2014. This not only demonstrates the younger generation’s contributions to charitable endeavors, but also attests that they have become a primary force for good in society. The young entrepreneurs in today’s forum shared their personal experiences.

FlyingV—Crowdfunding in Asia
In 2012, Light Lin (Hung-Chuan Lin) established, in hopes of using this platform to encourage young people to start their own businesses and to support social innovation projects. Over the last four years, has raised over NT$200 million to fund more than 430 groups. It is evident that a sharing economy not only fuels entrepreneurship, but also helps Taiwan build a better society. In fact, flyingV has invented a new approach to charity through its continuous efforts to assist indigenous children, help stray dogs, sponsor documentaries, promote equal rights movements, develop Taiwan’s agriculture industry and fundraise for international volunteer social workers and service providers.

Teach for Taiwan
In 2013, Anting Liu returned to Taiwan from the United States to establish Teach for Taiwan (TFT), an organization inspired by Teach for America, which has 25 years of history. TFT aims to recruit capable and passionate young adults to teach full-time in remote rural areas for two years. Becoming benevolent and committed education reformers, these young teachers work together to give all Taiwanese children the same quality education and a chance to develop themselves. At the same time, they are also preparing themselves to shoulder responsibilities as future leaders. Over the last two years, TFT has begun to cooperate with eight elementary schools in Tainan and Taidong counties, and they are now preparing to reach elementary schools in Yunlin and Pingtung counties.

If you could talk to the world for 18 minutes, what would you say? In 2009, Jason Hsu applied for a TED license and became the curator and entrepreneur of TEDxTaipei, the third organization in the world authorized by TEDx after San Francisco and Tokyo. Hoping to reform education through stories, Hsu’s long-term sustained efforts aim to cultivate a platform for Chinese innovation—a place where Chinese people share their own stories in their own language and become a motivating force for social and cultural renewal. Since introducing “Stories of Taiwan” in 2009, TEDxTaipei has invited many prominent figures from different walks of life from Taiwan and abroad, collecting over 250 talks on video. It has become one of the most important platforms for information media and conversation in the Chinese community.

After the event today, attendees collectively agreed that a new generation in Taiwan is rising. Through innovative thinking, a global perspective, and concrete actions, they are not only gaining in personal influence, but also changing society through the power of organization.

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