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Right-to-die group fined $30K in Minnesota woman's suicide

National right-to-die group fined $30,000 for assisting in Minnesota woman's suicide

Right-to-die group fined $30K in Minnesota woman's suicide

HASTINGS, Minnesota (AP) -- A national right-to-die group has been fined $30,000 for assisting in a Minnesota woman's suicide in 2007.

Final Exit Network was convicted in May of assisting the suicide of 57-year-old Doreen Dunn, plus a lesser charge of interfering with a death scene.

Dunn lived with chronic pain for a decade before she took her own life.

At Monday's sentencing, Dakota County District Judge Christian Wilton also ordered Final Exit Network to pay nearly $3,000 in restitution to Dunn's family to cover funeral expenses. But he declined to order the 15 years of probation sought by prosecutors.

Robert Rivas, an attorney for the group, says they'll pay the fine but intend to appeal.

Dunn's husband, Mark Dunn, says the group places itself above the law. He calls it calculating and cruel.

Updated : 2021-09-27 13:06 GMT+08:00