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No heads rolling over reputed Rome mafia don's funeral

Rome officials underestimated ostentation of reputed mafia don's funeral; no heads rolling

No heads rolling over reputed Rome mafia don's funeral

ROME (AP) -- Rome's top security official says police were aware of plans for a flashy funeral send-off for a reputed mafia chieftain, but underestimated how outrageous it would be.

Prefect Franco Gabrielli told reporters Monday that for now there will be no sackings over last week's procession for Vittorio Casamonica, which deeply embarrassed Rome officials.

He said his boss, Italy's interior minister, will ultimately decide if any "heads will roll, starting with mine."

The funeral included a gilded horse-drawn carriage and the "Godfather" theme music. A helicopter swooped low to shower rose petals during the church funeral; the pilot's license was suspended.

The Casamonicas migrated generations ago from the countryside to Rome. Prosecutors have described them as Rome's richest and most dangerous local gangsters, specializing in loansharking.

Updated : 2021-09-28 04:01 GMT+08:00