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Tainan leads the nation in dengue fever cases

Tainan leads the nation in dengue fever cases

Tainan leads nation in dengue cases

The dengue fever epidemic continues to ravage southern Taiwan as the number of patients affected with the disease this year has reached 993 as of August 18, the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (TCDC) said Sunday.

Former Tainan County mayor Su Huan-chih questioned the capability of the local government by saying it has not done enough to help reduce the outbreak as Tainan is now ranked first in the nation’s number of dengue contracts.

“It’s been two long weeks and all the debris left from Typhoon Soudelor has yet to be cleared. No wonder Tainan has become a hotbed for dengue,” he lamented on his Facebook page on Sunday.

Su also complained that twigs and branches from fallen trees are laid scattered on the streets unattended; especially the area around the Soulangh Cultural Park in the city’s Chaili District is dotted with debris over 100 meters long.

“In the past, it only takes about a week for the government to clear up the city streets after a typhoon,” he said.

According to the TCDC, the strain of DEN-2 dengue is the dominant strain circulating in Tainan, while DEN-1 is the dominant strain circulating in Kaohsiung.

Health authorities urged the public to reinforce the removing of vector-breeding sites in and around their residences to ward off infection and ensure their own health and the health of others.

Updated : 2022-05-21 17:38 GMT+08:00