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Lamay Island locals enraged by bad behavior in tourist

Lamay Island locals enraged by bad behavior in tourist

Hermit crab lives in plastic cups

Environmental awareness is something which everyone should possess. However, this is not the case in Lamay Island. Over the years, the ecosystems in many beaches are affected by the increase in human activities. Some tourists leave more than their footprints on the beach by taking a bottle of seashells and shell sand home.

As the weather worsens, the transportation from Taiwan to Lamay Island has been suspended, yet at the same time, the locals spotted a tourist who carried a bottle of seashells and shell sand. They informed the government authorities to handle the situation but they did not do anything about it. The tourist left with the bottle of sea shells.

Many tourists often take souvenirs from the local environment. When caught by the locals and guides, some tourists would say, “Why can’t I bring it home?” It shows many citizens lack environmental awareness; they do not understand they are destroying the local environment.

Lamay Island’s beaches are all shell sands. They are the home to hermit crabs and other living things. It’s a common problem in Taiwan where many hermit crabs cannot find a proper home on the beach so they use trash (toy blocks, plastic caps etc) as their shells. There are no laws that can fine the violators, the authorities can only give out warnings.

As tourism blossoms, people need to be educated on environmental consciousness and cultural literacy for environmental degradation is hard to reverse.