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Rights group decries violence against Lebanese protesters

International rights group decries police brutality against Lebanese protesters

Rights group decries violence against Lebanese protesters

BEIRUT (AP) -- An international human rights watchdog has decried police violence against Lebanese demonstrators protesting the government's failure to resolve the country's mounting trash crisis.

Police used forced to disperse a protest of around 100 people in downtown Beirut this week after some of the demonstrators tried to break a security cordon around the government building. The protesters are planning a similar protest Saturday.

Human Rights Watch urged authorities in a statement Saturday to ensure accountability for excessive use of force and refrain from repeated violence against demonstrators.

The Lebanese government is locked in disputes and has failed to agree on a solution to Lebanon's garbage collection problem after Beirut's main landfill was closed down a month ago. Trash has accumulated on the streets meanwhile.

Updated : 2021-09-20 19:45 GMT+08:00