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Pilipino maid faces accusation of stealing a NT$53 million lottery ticket

Pilipino maid faces accusation of stealing a NT$53 million lottery ticket

Foreign domestic helpers often face rampant abuses and accusation abroad. Recently, a Pilipino foreign domestic helper in Singapore was accused of stealing a first prize lottery ticket despite her employer supported her.

In June, a 44 years old Pilipino domestic helper bought a lottery ticket at a Tampines Singapore Pools outlet and won the first prize, a total of NT$53 million, according to the Strait Times. She became a millionaire over night.

After she claimed her prize, she remitted some money to her family in Philippines. However, in July, three policemen approached her and claimed that the owner of the lottery ticket accused her of theft and reported her to the police. Her employer and the police accompanied her to the lottery shop to look at the monitor tape but it was already deleted.

The Pilipino domestic helper asked the police who accused her of theft but they refused to inform her. Since the accusation, she often has to report to the police station for interrogation.

The employer of the Pilipino domestic helper supports her. He said she has been working for their family for 15 years and she has proven to be trustworthy, honest and a decent person. "She has been honest with us and she's a very nice person," he added. The Pilipino domestic helper continues to work for her employer because they are like her family.

Many of the Strait Times readers pointed out the case is discriminatory towards Pilipino maids and said she should not be treated with bias. “If a Singaporean of good standing were accused of stealing a winning ticket, I am sure the police would have been more respectful and sensitive,” commented by a Singaporean internet user.

Updated : 2021-09-25 08:28 GMT+08:00