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Students devastated by the ignorance of the Minister of Education

Students devastated by the ignorance of the Minister of Education

Students are disappointed with MOE

In many civil and student moments, the manipulation of the dilemma between civilians and policemen is a frequently used technique.

The students who walked around Taiwan to protest against the altered curriculum saw the open schedule of the Minister of Education and went to the high school where the minister was supposed to go. However, the minister changed his plan at the last minute. The students were devastated that the Ministry of Education pays no attention to the voices of the students after all forms of demonstration. Despite the tension portrayed by the media, the policemen of the area gave them bottled water, encouraged and comforted them.

“We are 17 years old. We voice our opinions in a rational way yet the adults couldn’t care less,” said the students. The students travelled around Taiwan on foot for the past 24 days, using an approach which draws them closer to Taiwan. They wish the curriculum could be less pro China and teach the students more about Taiwan. However, the Ministry of Education insists on launching the new curriculum and ignores the voices of the public. On August 3, the Minister of Education has promised to publish the list of committees upon their agreement; however, most of the committees veto the notion. Therefore, the Ministry of Education takes no further actions to communicate with the students.

There have been speculations on the students’ march around Taiwan, saying the Democratic Progressive Party is sponsoring the students. The students stressed that their action is solely self-motivated. “We carry the ideal of our deceased comrade who only wishes to protect Taiwan,” said Hsu Kuang-ze, one of the students who marched around Taiwan on foot.