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60% of employers in retail do not pay overtime

60% of employers in retail do not pay overtime

60% retail employers do not pay overtime

Ministry of Labor published the results of shopping malls’ labor conditions investigations on August 14 which indicated that more than 60% of employers do not pay their employees for working overtime. The top three corporations that violated the labor laws are Far Eastern Department Stores, Tolin Department Stores, and Sogo Department stores.

Annual sales events and promo brings profits to enterprises in retail business but many sales clerks work overtime and stand for a long period of time. Among the investigation and inspections of 43 department stores and 129 boutiques, a total of 77 stores violated the labor law as the employers did not pay for working overtime and attendance on weekends.

As for inspections on workplace hygiene and safety standards, there were 42 department stores and shops that broke the labor laws where abnormal amount of workload and lack of prevention of violence in workplace are the most severe violations.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials said they have fined the retail enterprises and call for all the retail companies to follow the labor laws to ensure the well-being of the laborers. In additions, the government will invite employers in the retail industries to discuss ways to improve the labor conditions in the retail industry.

However, several retail corporations claimed that they have no management power over the employees at the department stores because they are only responsible for providing spaces to these stores. The department stores in the shopping malls are in charge of the labor conditions, not the shopping malls.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration refused to provide the list of enterprises that defied the labor laws which contradict the labor law itself. They said despite the labor law stated that all corporations who violated the law must be listed publicly, it is the duty of the local governments to punish the firms, not the central government.

Updated : 2021-09-25 13:28 GMT+08:00