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Chu calls for solidarity within the KMT

Chu calls for solidarity within the KMT

Chu stresses solidarity within the KMT

Kuomintang Chairman Eric Chu pointed out Wednesday that the primary objective would be to solidify the KMT before moving on to win popular supports from voters.

“Our priority is to solidify strength within the KMT by gaining supports from 88 party members,” he said.

When asked by the local media about his ongoing plans, Chu said the first step would be to call for solidarity and unity as People First Party (PFP) Chairman James Soong is also vying for supports from his KMT party members.

In terms of who would run alongside KMT presidential candidate Hung Hsiu-chu, the chairman said the nominee would be disclosed after a collective decision made by his party members.

Asked if there is a “contingency plan” to help boost Hung’s popularity status, Chu said he has called for solidarity within the party right from the beginning, and that his strategy hasn’t changed. He however urged the media to refrain from making up false notions of backup plans or strategies.

Chu’s comments came amidst speculations that Hung’s popularity is dwindling after a recent poll suggested that her public opinion has hit rock bottom, trailing far behind Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential contender Tsai Ing-wen and even Soong, who announced his bid last week.

The KMT chairman again brushed aside Soong’s strong performance in the recent poll conducted by the Cross-Strait Policy Association, emphasizing that the results can fluctuate at any given time as they need to be observed in the long term rather than short term.

Updated : 2022-01-22 22:43 GMT+08:00