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Amos Yee speaks against Singaporean government again

Amos Yee speaks against Singaporean government again

Amos Yee, the Youtube personality and blogger who was imprisoned because he openly criticized Lee Kuan Yew on Youtube before, criticized the Singaporean government on August 6 again.

Amos Yee continues to criticize the Singaporean government for oppressing the freedom of speech. In his 19 minutes video on Youtube, Yee replied to various attacks towards him. He pointed out that if there are problems in the country, it should be addressed by its people or the problems will not be tackled for years. Yee also said that the law did not protect his freedom of speech. He then mentioned that Lee Kuan Yew should not be exempted from criticism just because he has passed away. He further compared Lee Kuan Yew to Bin Laden, saying Lee is worse than Bin Laden in many ways. “I did not see people defending the feelings of Bin Laden’s family when he died,” replied Yee to the people who thought he should be more sensitive towards the feeling of Lee’s family.

Lee believes at the moment, the only thing he could do is to criticize the government and it is “technically” legal. However, if he is sent into the prison again because of his speech, he wishes the government good luck with the election.

Updated : 2021-09-17 02:41 GMT+08:00