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Students hand out flyers in tourist attraction

Students hand out flyers in tourist attraction

Two high school students, Hsu Kuan-tse and Chou Tzu-hsiang, who protest against the altered curriculum by marching around Taiwan on foot, is on their 15th day of their trip. On August 5, they came to Cape Elunabi to voice their opinions to the tourists by handing out flyers.

Many high school students are protesting against the adjusted curriculum in various ways. Some of them went to the Ministry of Education to voice their opinions, while some others travel around the nation to spread their ideas on the new curriculum. Hsu and Chou went to Cape Elunabi and gave out flyers explaining why they are against the altered curriculum. Many Chinese tourists avoid eye contacts with them while some Taiwanese tour guides scolded them. However, there are quite a few young Chinese tourists who approached them. They want to understand the reasons behind their actions and discuss the altered curriculum with them.

“In China, no students are brave enough to voice their opinions,” said one of the Chinese tourists.

Hsu and Chou said there are policemen who approached them along their journeys. Some of them videotape their actions and they felt they are being watched. However, in Pingtung, the policemen who approach them have a kinder attitude and care for their safety and health.

Updated : 2021-09-20 01:40 GMT+08:00