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Ko takes a step further to combat drunk driving

Ko takes a step further to combat drunk driving

Ko takes step to combat drunk driving

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je has taken a step further to combat the island’s notorious drunk driving, reports said Tuesday.

Ko said during a meeting at the city council that those incarcerated for repeated offense in drunk driving will be ordered to undergo alcohol treatment and rehabilitation before serving the end of their sentence.

According to government statistics, 28 percent of the total prisoners in 2014 were put behind bars for charges related to drunk driving.

The mayor said the city is collaborating with the Ministry of Justice and rehab specialists to carry out a trial run in the Taipei prison within a month.

“The goal is to reduce drunk driving,” Ko said, stressing that it’s not all about catching offenders, as most of them will repeat the same offense after merely getting a slap on the first with a fine.

“We have to treat them like patients rather than criminals,” he explained.

Although there have been fewer incidents of drunk driving and related deaths in recent years, the numbers remain high.

Last year, a total of 115,253 drunk driving cases were recorded in Taiwan and 169 people died in road accidents related to drunk driving.