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Asian News Digest, AS


MISSING MALAYSIA PLANE -- French and Malaysian investigators are meeting in Paris with a judge after the arrival of a wing fragment many hope will solve the mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. SENT: 130 words, photos.

MYANMAR-FLOODS -- Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi visits one of the country's many flood-afflicted areas, raising her profile amid a national disaster that could have consequences in this November's general election. SENT: 420 words, photos.

AP WAS THERE-ATOMIC BOMB -- The Associated Press' original reporting of three historic stories at the end of World War II: The atomic-bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Japanese surrender. SENT: 2,400 words, photos.

AFGHANISTAN-TALIBAN -- The Afghan government addresses the growing leadership crisis in the Taliban for the first time, saying it will not deal with the militant group separately from other "armed opposition" in the country. SENT: 240 words, photos.

INDIA-PORNOGRAPHY BAN -- Indians accuse the government of moral policing after it blocks access to more than 800 adult websites. SENT: 130 words.

CHINA-SHAOLIN TEMPLE -- Chinese authorities investigate allegations of misbehavior made online against the controversial abbot of China's famed Shaolin Temple. SENT: 280 words.



SKOREA-LOTTE-SUCCESSION FEUD -- A family battle for control of South Korea's largest retailer erupts in public after the group's 92-year-old founder is demoted to a powerless role in the business by his youngest son. By Youkyung Lee. SENT: 440 words, photos.

HONG KONG-EARNS-HSBC -- HSBC Holdings PLC, Europe's biggest bank, says strong performance in Asia helped to boost its first-half profit by 10 percent. SENT: 330 words.


OBAMA-POWER PLANTS -- President Barack Obama is mandating even steeper greenhouse gas emission cuts from U.S. power plants than previously expected, while granting states more time and broader options to comply. A look at who wins and loses in Obama's revised plan. By Josh Lederman. SENT: 410 words, photos.

CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES -- Wildfires blazing in several Western states chew up forests and threaten homes but are most numerous in Northern California where dozens are raging and setting off evacuations. SENT: 600 words, photos, video.

MIDEAST-KERRY-IRAN -- U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is bringing the Obama administration's case for the Iran nuclear deal to wary Arab officials in Qatar. By Matthew Lee. SENT: 710 words, photos.

ANALYSIS-TURKEY-THE GAMBLE -- President Barack Obama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are both taking a big gamble as they agree to work together against the Islamic State group militants in Syria. By Steven R. Hurst. SENT: 740 words, photos. With ISLAMIC STATE.

GREECE-BAILOUT -- Greece's main stock index plunges over 22 percent as it reopens after a five-week closure, giving investors their first opportunity since late June to react to the country's latest economic crisis. By Derek Gatopoulos. SENT: 560 words, photos.

ZIMBABWE-LION KILLING -- Zimbabwe officials accuse 2nd American of killing lion in illegal hunt months ago. SENT: 910 words, photos.

SYRIA -- Air raids and the subsequent crash of a Syrian warplane in a residential area in the northwestern town of Ariha kill and wound dozens of people, two activist groups say. SENT: 230 words.

PUERTO RICO-TOUGH TIMES -- The government is at risk of defaulting on at least part of its $72 billion in public debt and the recession is almost a decade old, leaving many on this U.S. island fearing that life could soon get much worse. By Danica Coto. SENT: 980 words, photos.


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