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Pelosi praises papal climate encyclical during Italy visit

US Democratic leader Pelosi calls papal encyclical an asset in climate change policy

Pelosi praises papal climate encyclical during Italy visit

MILAN (AP) -- Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has called the papal climate encyclical "an important, new, effective asset" in pushing forward policy to combat climate change.

Pelosi said Pope Francis' encyclical "really made an important impression on the world" and noted that citizens "who might reject a policy initiative spoken by a government official in the United States, really cannot ignore his holiness Pope Francis on the subject."

Pelosi made the comments Monday during a visit to the Milan Expo 2015 world's fair focusing on food security issues, and as President Obama prepared to unveil later in the day new regulations demanding steep greenhouse gas cuts from U.S. power plants.

The California democrat is leading a high-level congressional delegation on a trip to Italy and Ukraine.

Updated : 2021-09-20 09:13 GMT+08:00