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Wen Zi Zhen readjustment plan raises concerns

Wen Zi Zhen readjustment plan raises concerns

Wen Zi Zhen readjustment area in New Taipei City causes disputes and concerns among the local residents. Residents who live in Wen Zi Zhen area gathered in front of New Taipei City municipal building on July 28 to protest against the readjustment plan for the area.

The government officials said they began this project after they watched the famous documentary, “Beyond Beauty - TAIWAN FROM ABOVE”. They saw corrugated steel shacks scattered across the district and the river is polluted by industrial waste. Therefore, they planned to launch urban regeneration and build new residential buildings.

However, residents who are against the plan said it is ‘just like the Dapu incident’. They suspect that the government and real estate enterprises abuse the power of eminent domain for the sake of land speculation. Urban planning experts warned against the Wen Zi Zhen readjustment plan. New Taipei City has the highest percentage of empty residence in Taiwan. Xinzhuang District, in particular, is ranked third in the excess supply of new residential units. In additions, they pointed out that Wen Zi Zhen readjustment area neglects diverse function of a community, forcing local residents out of their homes and focusing only on building residential units.

Many local residents are afraid their homes will become like the Dapu incident where the Maoli government took the residents’ property by force.

Updated : 2021-09-19 22:47 GMT+08:00