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Madeleine McCann ruled out as girl found dead in Australia

Missing Brit Madeleine McCann ruled out as decomposed girl found dumped in Australian scrub

Madeleine McCann ruled out as girl found dead in Australia

ADELAIDE, Australia (AP) -- The decomposed remains of a young girl found in a suitcase dumped in Australia do not belong to missing British girl Madeleine McCann, police say.

The bones were found earlier this month in bushes near the South Australia state capital Adelaide.

South Australia Police Detective Police Superintendent Des Bray said late Wednesday that 43 children had now been eliminated as the victim in the murder investigation, including McCann.

"I can confirm that Madeleine McCann has been totally excluded as a potential victim and UK police have been advised," he said.

McCann was 3 when she went missing while on vacation in Portugal with her family in 2007. The case has never been solved.

British police investigating McCann's disappearance said this week they had been in touch with Australian authorities about the discovery of the young girl's remains.

Police believe the remains belong to a fair-haired girl aged between 2 ? and 4 who might have been dead for up to eight years.

Updated : 2021-09-24 02:11 GMT+08:00