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BC-OLY--Rio 2016-Filthy Water,ADVISORY

BC-OLY--Rio 2016-Filthy Water,ADVISORY

The Associated Press has just published a multi-format package looking at the unhealthy conditions of the waters that will be used by nearly 1,400 athletes for swimming and boating events at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. It is based on a five-month investigation by the AP and comprehensive and multiple testing it commissioned on viral and bacterial contamination at the Olympic sites for the first time.

Water pollution has become a top concern in Brazil. Most sewage isn't collected, let alone treated in the urban areas. In Rio, much of the waste runs through open-air ditches to fetid streams and rivers that feed the Olympic water sites and blight the city's picture postcard beaches.

The AP commissioned testing at each of three Olympic water venues, and also in the surf off Ipanema Beach, which is popular with tourists but where no events will be held. Samples were checked for three types of human adenovirus, as well as rotavirus, enterovirus and fecal coliforms.

Here is the package:

--Text: Main story, Rio 2016-Filthy Water, of 2,400 words and an abridged version of 1,050 words. The story also is available in Spanish and Portuguese. There is a 270-word sidebar, Rio 2016-Filthy Water-5 Things.

--Photos: A package of photos has been transmitted on PhotoStream. All images are on the AP Images site.

--Video: Available on Media Port, VideoHub, AP Video-US and Online Video. Online video is also available in Spanish and Portuguese.

--Interactive: Shows sites where the Associated Press commissioned water testing and has video interviews.

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