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CMA signed a contract with the Taipei Exchange of Taiwan R.O.C. covering expert consultancy services

CMA signed a contract with the Taipei Exchange of Taiwan R.O.C. covering expert consultancy services

The Capital Market Authority of the Sultanate of Oman (CMA) signed an agreement to engage the Taipei Exchange as expert consultants. The agreement covers consultancy assistance to be provided by the Taipei Exchange to assist in the design and development of Capital Market products and services in Oman aimed at supporting the growth of SMEs.

The CMA undertook a review of many SME markets and SME consultants before selecting the Taipei Exchange as its expert consultant advisor.

Executive President of the CMA, H.E. Abdullah Salim Abdullah Al Salmi, commented on the decision to select the Taipei Exchange as expert SME consultants: “We are delighted to have engaged the Taipei Exchange. They have an excellent track record of developing services and products that benefit SMEs, which is demonstrated by the high growth of successful SMEs in their market. They have developed a wide range of solutions and approaches to meet the needs of many different types of SMEs. This ability to provide many varied solutions rather than just a single approach is something we believe is particularly important in the context of Oman. We have agreed a work-plan with them, and look forward to seeing the results of their work later this year.”

Note: The CMA is a government authority with independent financial and administrative status, established in 1998. It regulates the Oman capital and insurance market, and licenses all entities that operate within these markets. It provides protections for all investors who participate in the markets and use the services of licensed entities. The CMA also facilitates and creates conditions and opportunities for the markets and participants to develop and grow in ways that support inclusive economic growth and diversification of the national economy and population as a whole.

Note: The Taipei Exchange is a non-profit stock exchange entity based in Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C, that was founded in November 1994. It operates markets and trading of equity, bond and other securities, and licenses firms and other entities that trade the securities it lists. It is regulated by the Securities and Futures Bureau of Taiwan and the Financial Supervisory Commission of Taiwan.

Updated : 2021-09-26 05:36 GMT+08:00