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AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from Latin America

AP PHOTOS: A selection of our favorite images from Latin America and the Caribbean

AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from Latin America

Cubans watched the official restoration of full diplomatic relations with the Unites States as both countries reopened their embassies last week, while supporters of Nicaragua's Sandinista National Liberation Front celebrated the anniversary of their 1979 toppling of dictator Anastasio Somoza.

Those were among the top images taken in Latin America and the Caribbean last week.

Elsewhere, female police officers in Bolivia braided each other's hair before clashes when police confronted protesting miners. Women in Guatemala held candles outside the Supreme Court to plead for justices to not put their vice presidential candidate on trial after he was charged with money laundering.

Mexican taxi union drivers clashed over permits, torching some vehicles and injuring many drivers.

Paraguayans covered themselves in feathers on the feast day of St. Francis Solano, known locally as the Bird Saint, while patients at Peru's Larco Herrera Psychiatric Hospital dressed in costumes for the hospital's Independence Day parade.

Penguins decorated seized packages of cocaine shown off by Colombian officials. Narco-culture jewelry was on sale in the Mexican city of Culiacan, which is in the state known as the cradle of that country's drug trafficking and the home of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the powerful cartel boss who remains a fugitive after his second prison escape.


This gallery was curated by photo editor Leslie Mazoch in Mexico City.


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Updated : 2021-09-19 17:19 GMT+08:00