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-Europe News Digest, AP

-Europe News Digest, AP

Stories from Europe planned for today, Thursday, 23 July


GREECE-OUT OF BUSINESS -- Over the past month, residents of the central Athens neighborhood of Koukaki have walk further to find a plumber, a barber, or a shop selling clothes in large sizes, as a cash crisis and financial uncertainty have brought whitewashed storefronts back to the main streets of Greece's towns and city neighborhoods. Banks have limited daily withdrawals to 60 euros a day for more than three weeks, hammering retailers who had hoped to recover when Greece briefly emerged from recession late last year. By Derek Gatopoulos. UPCOMING: 440 words by 0900 GMT.


FRANCE-EUTHANASIA -- Doctors plan an announcement on treatment of a French man left comatose after a car accident seven years ago. The case of Vincent Lambert has pitted family members against each other and gone up to Europe's top human rights court, which ruled physicians can stop treating him. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: 300 words from announcement expected around 0900 GMT.

AUSTRIA-IRAN FORUM -- Led by Iran's oil minister, officials of the Islamic Republic pitch opportunities in their country to a European audience as the country gears up to shake off nuclear sanctions and resume business with the world. By George Jahn. 130 words, with up to 400 on merit, photos by 1400 GMT.

AUSTRIA-TOM CRUISE -- Interview with Tom Cruise and other cast members on occasion of world premiere of Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation. By George Jahn. UPCOMING: 500 words, photos by 2200 GMT.


CZECH-CORRUPTION -- Verdict expected in the trial with David Rath, the former health minister, the head of a regional government and a prominent member of the ruling Social Democrats in a high profile corruption case. UPCOMING: 130 words by 1200 GMT.

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