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German midwife charged with 9 counts of attempted murder

German midwife charged with attempted murder; allegedly gave blood thinners to pregnant women

German midwife charged with 9 counts of attempted murder

BERLIN (AP) -- Munich prosecutors have charged a 34-year-old midwife with nine counts of attempted murder for allegedly giving blood thinners to women shortly before they were to give birth by cesarean section, causing life-threatening bleeding.

Prosecutors said Wednesday that the German woman, whose name wasn't given in accordance with privacy laws, allegedly acted out of "dissatisfaction with her work situation." She denies the charges.

An investigation was opened in 2014 after a Munich hospital filed a complaint following one incident.

Prosecutors found three other cases at the same hospital, and four more at another hospital where the midwife worked in 2011-2012. They also accuse the suspect of administering drugs to another woman that induced such severe contractions that she needed emergency medical help.

They say none of the newborns were harmed.

Updated : 2021-09-24 02:12 GMT+08:00