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Vietnamese spouse becomes guide at NTM

Vietnamese spouse becomes guide at NTM

One of the new immigrant ambassadors of the National Taiwan Museum, Nguyễn Frng-hua, said that she would not like to introduce the resources of precious knowledge to the visitors, but she would like to share the beauty of NTM with the public.

Nguyễn graduated from the Chinese department of Vietnam National University and used to work as her husband’s translator after finishing college. They fell in love with each other after spending everyday together, got married the following year and moved to Taiwan.

Nguyễn started giving tours at the NTM because of her new immigrant friends; she indicated that the Southeast Asian language guides are needed because of the large number of new immigrants in Taiwan. She also mentioned that the daycare service is also urgently needed by the new immigrant spouses, and hopes the government will set up more daycare centers to enable the new immigrant mothers to have more free time participating in social events.

Updated : 2021-09-24 10:49 GMT+08:00