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Unemployed man wounds 4 in random knife attack at Taipei MRT station

Unemployed man wounds 4 in random knife attack at Taipei MRT station

Another shocking subway attack took place in Taipei City late Monday, a year after a fatal knife attack at MRT Jiangzicui Station which claimed 4 lives and wounded 24. Police officer said that a 27-year-old jobless man wielded a knife in a random attack inside MRT Zhongshan Station at nearly 9 pm, the peak hour for that station.

The man, surnamed Kuo, told police that he committed the crime because he has been jobless for a long time and was in bad mood, police officer said.

A witness who identified herself by her family name Chen told the media that she heard a woman yelling, "He has a knife!" twice before seeing a man bleeding in the left shoulder and other people nearby wounded.

"I did not see the suspect wielding his knife. I just saw him moving forward as the man near him had already been wounded," Chen added.

Three women and one man, aged between 30 and 49, were injured and all administered to the nearby Mackay Memorial Hospital. The hospital spokesperson said they could be discharged from hospital soon since none was in critical condition.

Minister of the Interior Chen Wei-zen urged the public not to panic as it was an isolated incident and he promised to beef up police patrol at all MRT stations.

Updated : 2021-05-11 23:07 GMT+08:00