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Indonesian caregiver founds NGO

Indonesian caregiver founds NGO

Tantri Sakhina, an Indonesian caregiver, is also one of the founders of an NGO called KOMPIT [Komunitas Pelaut Indonesia.] She assists Indonesian migrant workers with many issues and helps with their daily needs.

Tantri Sakhina indicated that by handling many labor disputes, she has become deeply convinced that it is very crucial for the migrant workers to improve their reading ability. Sometimes the employers might urge them to sign contracts which they don’t even know the content of.

Tantri Sakhina launched a book donating event, hoping to help migrant workers to get into habit of reading and increase their reading ability. She also encourages migrant workers to practice writing and start with their own stories, which might help a lot with their literature knowledge and eliminate the public’s discrimination against them.

Updated : 2021-09-21 07:52 GMT+08:00