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German lawmakers expected to clear way for Greece talks

German Parliament expected to clear way for Greek bailout negotiations, despite misgivings

German lawmakers expected to clear way for Greece talks

BERLIN (AP) -- The German Parliament is expected to clear the way for negotiations on a new bailout package for Greece, despite misgivings among some conservative lawmakers.

After a preliminary deal Monday, Germany's government had to go to Parliament to get a mandate for what could be difficult talks on details of the three-year bailout expected to be worth 85 billion euros ($93 billion). Lawmakers were recalled from their summer break and will vote on Friday.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition of Germany's biggest parties has around four-fifths of the parliamentary seats and approval looks assured.

Still, bailing out Greece isn't popular in Merkel's conservative bloc and 48 of its 311 lawmakers said Thursday that they would vote against. Her coalition partners, the center-left Social Democrats, appear to be solidly behind the deal.

Updated : 2021-09-17 16:14 GMT+08:00