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Hung seeks further help from Wang

Hung seeks further help from Wang

Hung seeks further help from Wang

Kuomintang presidential hopeful Hung Hsiu-chu jokingly told a group of reporters Wednesday that she is looking at more ways to ask for help from Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng although he has already done enough to help her.

“I pester him too much,” she said onboard a high-speed rail bound for Taipei from Kaohsiung on Wednesday.

Hung’s comment came after she asked Wang to join her campaigning team, a request which the legislative speaker said was impossible to accomplish due to his busy schedule and the void that would create in the Legislative Yuan.

“I cannot leave the house unattended. Not only would it create a hassle for me but also for the legislators,” Wang lamented.

The party hopeful said she understands Wang’s tight schedule, and that it was her fault for asking too much favors from him.

“I can only blame myself for not sharing his heavy workload at the Legislative Yuan,” Hung said.

Meanwhile, Hung said he has done so much to help her in every way, and that she appreciates the arrangement he helped set up with Kaohsiung’s city councilors.

Hung was on a visit to Pingtung and Kaohsiung earlier this week in an effort to win supports from voters in southern Taiwan.

Updated : 2021-09-27 19:40 GMT+08:00