Tsai 34.5 % ahead of Hung: TISR poll

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – If the January 16 presidential election took place now, Democratic Progressive Party Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen would receive 54 percent of the votes, with only 19.5 percent going to Kuomintang hopeful Hung Hsiu-chu, according to a Taiwan Indicators Survey Research poll published Tuesday.
Tsai has been leading most opinion surveys for months, while Hung is expected to be officially nominated by her party at its congress this coming Sunday.
The 34.5-percent gap between the two women was about 14 percent larger than in the previous similar TISR poll held a month earlier, reports said. At the time, 47.7 percent supported Tsai and 27.8 percent said they planned to vote for Hung.
Out of traditional KMT supporters, 63.9 percent said they would vote for Hung, but 14.6 percent named Tsai as their choice. On the DPP side, 92.5 percent wanted to vote for Tsai and only 2.6 percent for Hung. Among independent voters, 47.1 percent named the DPP leader as their choice while 10.6 percent picked Hung.
TISR also offered respondents a scenario where Tsai would only face People First Party Chairman James Soong. In this event, Tsai would still win, with 47.6 percent against 26.4 percent for Soong. Compared to the previous TISR poll in June, Tsai advanced 5.7 percent and the PFP leader lost 6.2 percent.
If as expected, Hung was nominated by the KMT and Soong also chose to run, Tsai would still win, with 42.1 percent, with the PFP leader coming second with 22.8 percent and Hung finishing last with 15.5 percent.
TISR said it conducted its survey on July 9, 11 and 12, obtaining 1,003 valid responses from citizens from the age of 20, with a margin of error at 3.1 percent.