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MPCC temporarily suspends Astana

Astana suspended from anti-doping organization over Lars Boom case

MPCC temporarily suspends Astana

HUY, Belgium (AP) -- The Movement for Credible Cycling has temporarily suspended the Astana team after one of its riders entered the Tour de France despite an abnormally low cortisol level.

The MPCC is a group of teams holding to stricter anti-doping measures than those of cycling's governing body. It said Monday that Dutch rider Lars Boom should not have been allowed to take the start after pre-race tests showed a low cortisol level, which can indicate cortisone doping but is not conclusive proof of doping.

The MPCC said "in virtue of this decision, team Astana will no longer be subject to the unscheduled cortisol levels controls conducted by MPCC from this day on."

Updated : 2021-09-21 11:41 GMT+08:00