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Vietnamese spouse becomes shop owner in Taiwan

Vietnamese spouse becomes shop owner in Taiwan

A Vietnamese spouse surnamed Nguyen opened a Vietnamese restaurant seven years ago, and became popular very soon for its good food. She said the tip for getting popular is to use fresh ingredients and run the restaurant full-heartedly.

Nguyen said that she didn’t know how to cook before coming to Taiwan, and she learned how to prepare food from other Vietnamese spouses, including items like pho, fried spring rolls and chicken tomato noodles. She opened her restaurant seven years ago and keeps trying to make new dishes. There was a foreign traveler who came to her store one day and really liked her cooking, bringing many of his foreign friends to visit.

Nguyen said that her biggest wish was to become a shop owner when she was in Vietnam, and after years, her dream came true in Taiwan. She is very grateful for her family’s support, and she is very satisfied with her career now.

Updated : 2021-09-20 00:07 GMT+08:00