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Underprivileged student gets 5A in high school entrance exam

Underprivileged student gets 5A in high school entrance exam

Lin Yu-jia, an underprivileged student at Shuishang Junior High school, got into National Chia-Yi Girls' Senior High School with a 5A result on the High School Entrance Examination. Due to financial difficulties, Lin couldn’t pay for cram school, as her father was busy working to support the family and his mentally challenged brother, while her mother from Southeast Asia was not able to help her with school work, so she went to the after-school class in a church every day ever since she was in first grade of elementary school.

Lin said that she is really thankful for the teachers at the church, who provided her with a learning environment. She made up her mind to go to the National Chia-Yi Girls' Senior High School, even though she was born in a poor family, but because she didn’t like to be behind others at school, she studied very hard and kept practicing math questions even though she was really good at it already.

The teacher with more than thirty years of experience teaching at the church said that kids from single grandparenting families are stubborn and never give up on what they are aiming to do, and if there is someone there with them to put them on the right path, they could focus on their goals and become successful.

Updated : 2021-09-18 10:46 GMT+08:00