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French protest blocks Calais port, disrupts Channel traffic

French ferry workers block port of Calais, disrupt English Channel traffic in protest

French protest blocks Calais port, disrupts Channel traffic

CALAIS, France (AP) -- French ferry workers angry over possible job losses are disrupting the port of Calais and traffic across the English Channel.

The workers for MyFerryLink resumed their protest Monday angered by a court ruling about the future of the company. Their new protest blocked boats from leaving the port and created a traffic jam of trucks heading toward the tunnel that crosses beneath the channel.

MyFerryLink and other ferry services warned passengers Monday to rebook travel plans because of the protest.

No immediate delays were reported on the Eurostar passenger trains or the Eurotunnel services that carry trucks and other vehicles on trains.

Last week striking French workers swarmed train lines and set tires alight. Migrants seeking to get into Britain used the chaos to sneak onto trucks heading there.

Updated : 2021-09-23 10:07 GMT+08:00