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MAC urged to talk to China about garbage flow onto Matsu

Taipei, June 29 (CNA) Members of the Control Yuan on Monday urged the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) to talk with its Chinese counterpart about the problem of Chinese garbage flowing onto Matsu's shores and hurting its tourism industry. The Control Yuan took note of the problem when a Control Yuan delegation visited Beigan in the Matsu Islands in March and was told by a local council member that garbage from China washing onto Beigan's shores had become a serious problem that the local government could not resolve.
The council member said that if the problem is not solved, Matsu's touted eco-tourism would be devastated, according to the councilman. On Monday, Control Yuan members Wang Mei-yu, Chiang Chi-wen and Pao Tzung-ho joined officials from the Environmental Protection Administration and the Mainland Affairs Council on a tour of the affected area in Matsu. Upon returning to Taipei, the three told the media that Kinmen, Matsu and mainland Chinese coastal cities have formed a "one-day living quarters" -- where people can visit each other and get back home within one day -- so the two sides should forge a consensus on environmental and other issues related to people's daily lives. Among the three major issues between the two sides -- fish poaching, sand digging and garbage flowing -- the garbage issue seems to have been given the least attention by the Chinese authorities, they said. The MAC should talk to its Chinese counterpart, the Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) in Beijing, to search for a solution to the problem, said Wang Mei-yu. "Only by stopping the garbage flow from the very source in China can we hope to solve the problem," she said, urging the MAC to negotiate a solution with the TAO. (By Lu Hsin-hui and S.C. Chang)

Updated : 2021-09-27 09:22 GMT+08:00