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New immigrants sign up for motorbike license exam

New immigrants sign up for motorbike license exam

The Directorate General of Highways is going to increase the hand writing exam from the number 634 to 1606 on July 1st. Many people think it might get more difficult to pass the exam than before, so they signed up for it before July. Besides students, many foreign spouses also sign up for the exam this month.

The Miaoli Motor Vehicles Office launched a rural area service recently. The mobile service was sent to Nanzhuan village, enabling the residents to take the exam there. Cheng Chuan-chang, the Deputy Director of Miaoli Motor Vehicles Office, said that the number of participants has increased 3 times than before since they announced the renewal of writing exam. Almost 200 people take the exam after the dragon boat festival.

Motor Vehicles Office officials indicated that they haven’t renewed the writing exam for over 10 years, and the questions will not be more difficult than before, so the public shouldn’t worry about it.

Updated : 2021-05-06 19:58 GMT+08:00