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Japanese long stay club comes to Taiwan for retirement

Japanese long stay club comes to Taiwan for retirement

The Executive Yuan once launched a Japanese Elders Long Stay Project in 2007, but it wasn’t popular at the time. However, the director of the Taiwan Association of Retired Persons, Lin Mao-xiung, visited the Long Stay Club in Osaka three years ago, and found that many retired Japanese like to go to Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand for a long stay, so Lin decided to start the idea of attracting them to come to Taiwan.

Lin indicated that the weather in Taiwan is much nicer and many people here speak Japanese, making this country a better place for Japanese elders to stay. He invited the Long Stay Club to visit Taiwan in 2013. Twenty members came to stay in Hsinchu, and they also went to southern and eastern Taiwan for travel. Now around 100 Japanese elders come for long stay from two weeks to two months every year.

Retired 66-year-old professor Komei Nakayama said that he has been to Taiwan over 50 times. He was in Hsinchu for a long stay this February, and has been to many cities and experienced a lot of the local culture. “I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to experience the hospitality of people if I was in Japan, it’s only here in Taiwan,” Nakayama said.

Updated : 2021-11-29 23:51 GMT+08:00