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FIBA official Xiao Tian investigated in China

FIBA official Xiao Tian placed under corruption investigation in native China

FIBA official Xiao Tian investigated in China

BEIJING (AP) -- A vice president of basketball's international governing body has been placed under investigation for possible corruption in his native China.

The ruling Communist Party's disciplinary watchdog said on its website Thursday that Xiao Tian was suspected of serious graft. No details were given.

Xiao is a vice minister of sport responsible for basketball, one of China's most popular sports alongside football.

Since taking power in mid-2013, Chinaa' President Xi Jinping has launched a broad-based campaign against corruption among bureaucrats and officials in state industry. In its quest for Olympic glory, China has lavished funds on its system of sports schools, leagues and playing facilities, opening up ample room for corruption.

Xiao was elected one of FIBA's three vice-presidents last September. There was no immediate comment from the Switzerland-based body.

Updated : 2022-05-22 00:48 GMT+08:00