National Cheng Kung University pioneers Vietnamese education

National Cheng Kung University pioneers Vietnamese education

The foreign language center of National Cheng Kung University has provided a Vietnamese class for 10 years, cementing its position as the pioneer of Vietnamese-language education.

The staff of the foreign language center indicated that the Vietnamese class was suggested by the director of the management department, Wu Wan-yi. Wu said that there were many Vietnamese exchange students at Cheng Kung University. Since living expenses in Taiwan are much higher than in Vietnam, he thought it might be a good idea for the foreign language center to hire the Vietnamese exchange students as teachers for Vietnamese class. In the beginning, not many local people were interested in the Southeast Asian language, and sometimes there was only one student in the class, but now, with increasing business links between Vietnam and Taiwan, more and more students have signed up for the class.

A student from NCKU who attends the Vietnamese class said that there are many new immigrants in Taiwan who are from Vietnam, and besides, being able to speak another language is like being equipped with one more useful skill.

Updated : 2021-03-08 23:54 GMT+08:00