New immigrant working mother gets four certificates

New immigrant working mother gets four certificates

A 33-year-old Chinese spouse who has to go to work in the morning and takes care of her kids after night school passed four certificate exams and graduated from high school this month. Chen Xiaoxing plans to go to college this year.

Chen said that due to her financial situation, she was forced to quit school when she was in China, and when she moved to Taiwan ten years ago, she grabbed the opportunity of going to school, and started her academic pursuits over again.

Chen said she has four kids with her ex-husband, and even though they have divorced, her ex-husband still supported her to go to school and would take care of the kids during the class. She usually picked up the kids after school, and put them to bed around eleven o’clock, then started doing the homework and going to bed around two in the morning. Though that kind of life was really tiring and she could only sleep for four hours a day, she still insists that going to school is very important, and she will do her best to pursue higher education.

Updated : 2021-02-28 00:47 GMT+08:00