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Embrace a care-free cheesecake experience this summer

Embrace a care-free cheesecake experience this summer

You have heard of Air Sneakers and Air Cosmetics, but have you heard of an Air Cheesecake?

Regent Taipei’s pastry chef Buzz has created the first ever Air Cheesecake, the first in a revolutionary new line of the hotel’s new Air Cake Series available only at Regent and a perfect choice for the health conscious, sweet-toothed gourmet. The Air Cheesecake is available in single slices, 6-inch cakes and 8-inch cakes, selling at NT$150, NT$780 and NT$980 each.

Regent Taipei’s light and smooth Air Cheesecake melts in the mouth. This slim-line version uses ingredients that ensure a light, fluffy texture with a finish of caramelized pecan crumble. The Air Cheese is made using caramel-coated fresh ground pecans, sugar, classic Ritz Crackers, butter, egg whites and mild cottage cheese.

To share this unique treat with more guests, those who Like and Share our Air Cheesecake post on Facebook or Join Regent Taipei’s Line Friend from June 15th to 19th will receive a special upgrade offer by taking an 8-inch Air Cheesecake home for the price of a 6-inch one!

Updated : 2021-12-06 00:52 GMT+08:00