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Match fixer's accomplice sentenced to 34 months in jail

Match fixer's accomplice Raja Morgan Chelliah sentenced to 34 months in a Singapore jail

Match fixer's accomplice sentenced to 34 months in jail

SINGAPORE (AP) -- Singapore media is reporting an accomplice of football match-fixer Wilson Raj Perumal has been sentenced to almost three years in jail for passport fraud.

Raja Morgan Chelliah, 36, admitted last month to providing false information to immigration officials, for selling a false passport and for harboring the self-described "Kelong King" by providing Perumal with a passport in the name of Raja Morgan. The Straits Times newspaper said Chelliah, who served time in jail in 2011 on a previous charge of providing Perumal with a false passport, was sentenced Tuesday to 34 months in prison on the latest charges.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Navin Naidu reportedly argued that Chelliah was instrumental in helping Perumal evade authorities in Singapore by providing him with a second passport to travel to Switzerland, Hungary, Austria and South Africa.

Perumal, a Singaporean now living in Hungary, has published a book "Kelong Kings" which details how he believes football and football betting are corrupt.

Perumal was the key witness for the prosecution in a Hungarian trial involving 12 defendants, including Tan Seet Eng, a Singaporean also known as Dan Tan, the alleged head of a crime syndicate suspected of rigging matches around the world.