Turkish lawmakers sworn in as coalition questions loom

Turkish lawmakers being sworn in; speaker's election may hint at Turkey's political future

Turkish lawmakers sworn in as coalition questions loom

ISTANBUL (AP) -- Turkey's lawmakers are being sworn in to office during a ceremony in Ankara, an early step in what could be a drawn-out coalition-building process.

The country's 550 newly elected parliamentarians are ascending to the podium one-by-one to take the oath of office in the white assembly room of Turkey's monumental parliament building.

The swearing-in is a formality, it sets the stage for the election of a speaker and what some observers believe will be a long negotiation process.

Turkey's ruling, Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party came first in the June 7 elections but lost its parliamentary majority, meaning it is seeking an opposition partner to govern.

Deep divisions and a bitter campaign mean that may be hard to do. Turkey's Hurriyet daily said it would be a "hot political summer."

Updated : 2021-02-26 01:34 GMT+08:00