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Divorced Taiwanese man met his true love overseas

Divorced Taiwanese man met his true love overseas

A divorced Taiwanese man met his true love on a trip to Hainan, and they got married right away and have been maintaining a happy marriage for years. After finishing his previous 14-year marriage, Tsai had to take care of his two sons and parents all by himself, and was exhausted by working all day and taking care of the family alone. His friend invited him to take a trip to China, and he said he is really grateful that he met a woman named Zhang who is so dedicated to the family.

When they first met, Tsai said that Zhang looked very simple and pure, but he also thought that such a woman was very suitable to make a good wife and mother. Zhang also said that Tsai was very honest about his divorce and two little sons, and seemed like an honest and responsible guy. After getting married, Zhang took very good care of Tsai’s old parents and his kids, and they decided to have another child after some years.Their little son is now already five years old.

Tsai keeps saying that Zhang is very diligent and dedicated to the family, and he considers himself very lucky to have met her and shared his life with her.

Updated : 2021-08-05 06:47 GMT+08:00