Onur Dogan becomes first naturalized soccer player

Onur Dogan becomes first naturalized soccer player

Onur Dogan, known by the Chinese name of Chu En-le, is the first foreign naturalized soccer player in Taiwan. He started his soccer career in Turkey at the age of six, and moved to Taiwan in 2009 because of his Taiwanese wife. He was naturalized last year and joined the national team, becoming its most important player.

Dogan and his wife Tracy knew each other through the Internet, but they overcame the five-hour time difference and maintained their relationship through MSN and Facebook. Tracy could not get used to the life in Turkey, so Dogan decided to move to Taiwan and restart his soccer career.

He said that the resources and concepts of soccer are very different in Taiwan. He hopes to become a soccer coach in the future, providing better learning materials to Taiwanese children.

Updated : 2021-04-18 17:21 GMT+08:00