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2015 Thai movie festival to take place on June 26

2015 Thai movie festival to take place on June 26

The Thailand Trade and Economic Office is partnering with the Taipei Department of Culture Affairs to launch a 2015 Thai movie festival at Taipei SPOT, inviting the public to watch movies and get to know more about Thai culture.

SPOT is going to play the movies Chiang Khan Story, Khid Thueng Withaya, Best in Time, and Tang Wong, excellent introductions to Thai pop culture.

"Chiang Khan Story" talks about a puppy love couple having reunited years after thanks to a movie. "Khid Hueng Withaya" is a love story that portrays two strangers falling in love with each other because of a used diary. "Best in Time" includes two stories from different times, which depict the similarity of relationships from past and present. Last but not least, "Tang Wong" is about four traditional Thai teenagers living through culture shock in Thailand.

Updated : 2021-05-11 10:06 GMT+08:00