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Life insurance companies focus on hiring new immigrants

Life insurance companies focus on hiring new immigrants

As the job-hunting season starts, some life insurance companies say they have a preference for hiring new immigrants, veterans, and nurses who plan career changes, and not just the college graduates anymore.

A senior human resource manager indicated that most of the college graduates are not able to take the pressure, and sometimes they quit within a month. On the other hand, the Chinese spouses usually are under financial pressure, and they will not quit the job easily, though people might take them as scammers in the beginning because of their accents. Through training by the company, they correct the accents and also improve their ability to sell. They even have a case in which a Chinese spouse made NT$1 million on the sales report within five months.

Statistics indicate that due to low fertility, the ability to take pressure for the younger generation tends to be much lower than before, though on the contrary, nursing staff used to be in charge of over 10 patients at the same time and veterans had been through professional training which made them tougher than others.

Updated : 2021-12-02 02:08 GMT+08:00