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Hualien international zongzi competition

Hualien international zongzi competition

The dragon boat festival event held for new immigrants by the Hualien Society Association (HSA) took place the other day, and many participants from different ethnic groups joined the event and made their version of zongzi all together. The aboriginals, new immigrants, Hakka, and the Hokkien, they not only shared they different ways of making zongzi, but also give those to the underprivileged families.

Chong Gui-hsiung, the director of HAS, said that the competitors were split into three groups, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Taiwanese teams, with all participants able to try the zongzi from different cultures. In the event, foreign-born Taiwanese also played the drama of Legend of the White Snake, and displayed the way to play traditional games and making the sachet, telling the story of the Dragon Boat Festival.

Chong hopes to boost the interaction between different cultures by holding the event, and they will donate all the zongzi to the underprivileged families, letting the new immigrants help the community and gain approval.

Updated : 2021-07-31 04:22 GMT+08:00