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TOCFL pilot test will be held on July 18

TOCFL pilot test will be held on July 18

The Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) is a standardized test developed for non-native speakers of Chinese. It is designed to measure test takers’ listening、reading、speaking and writing abilities. TOCFL is designed by Steering Committee for the Test of Proficiency- Huayu (SC-TOP) and directed by the Ministry of Education.

SC-TOP has launched the TOCFL Speaking test in 2011. Since then, SC-TOP has held Band A and Band B tests. On July 18, 2015, SC-TOP will hold the Band C test for the first time.

TOCFL Speaking is a communication-oriented test which assesses Chinese learners’ non-academic speaking ability. There are 3 sections. The first section is stating opinions, the second section is role playing and responding to viewpoints and the third section is summarizing articles and expounding viewpoints. The test materials are based on authentic situations which are close to everyday life. The purpose of the test is to evaluate test takers’ ability to effectively express themselves by speaking in assorted situations.

On July 18, the national TOCFL pilot test will not only hold Band C speaking test, it will also organize TOCFL Listening & Reading tests for other 3 bands. The pilot test is great for learners who want to understand the testing methods, to feel the ambience of examination and know one’s language ability so suitable adjustment can be made. The learners can also eliminate their anxiety through the pilot test and wing it at the official tests.

The registration date for the July pilot test will end on June 26. There are 3 test centers in Taiwan: National Taipei University of Education and Fu Jen Catholic University in the north of Taiwan. While in the south there is National Cheng Kung University. The registration fee is NT$100. On the day of the pilot test, all test takers will receive a souvenir. Additionally, test takers who obtain 55 or higher points on listening, 60 or higher on reading and/or passing the speaking tests for Band C tests, SC-TOP will award them with a USB Flash Drive.

This is a great opportunity for all Chinese language learners!
Please see the following details for further information:
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