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Warrant shows deadly struggle before officer's death

'Let me go before you kill yourself!:' Warrant shows struggle before New Orleans officer dies

Warrant shows deadly struggle before officer's death

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Court documents in the case of a New Orleans police officer shot and killed by a handcuffed prisoner detail the deadly struggle that occurred moments before the officer's death.

Officer Daryle Holloway was driving the suspect, Travis Boys, to a local jail when police say the handcuffed Boys shot him and escaped on Saturday, sparking a 24-hour manhunt.

According to an application for an arrest warrant released Monday, Boys shot Holloway from the back of the police vehicle through an access window.

Holloway and Boys struggled for the weapon after the shooting. The warrant says Boys yelled three times to Holloway, "Let me go before you kill yourself!"

The warrant gave little indication about where Boys got the gun, but authorities have said it was not the officer's weapon.