Lawsuit filed challenging US general election debate rules

Third parties file lawsuit challenging rules on access to US presidential debates

Lawsuit filed challenging US general election debate rules

NEW JERSEY (AP) -- A nonprofit group and the Green and Libertarian parties are suing to force open the U.S. general election presidential debates to candidates from outside the Democratic and Republican, two major political parties.

The lawsuit filed Monday against the Federal Election Commission seeks to force it to crack down on the Commission on Presidential Debates.

The lawsuit argues the debate commission is violating FEC rules dictating that debates must be staged in a nonpartisan manner and that candidates selected for participation are based on objective criteria.

Alternatively, the lawsuit seeks permission to sue the debate commission directly.

The plaintiffs are led by the advocacy group Level the Playing Field. They also want to force the FEC to revise its current rules governing presidential debates.

Updated : 2021-03-02 07:30 GMT+08:00